Custom balloons

Custom balloons

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Create with us your own balloon project that will fully fit your needs and will help you promote your brand. Advertise your company outdoors with tailor-made air sealed balloons. Get carried away and abandon standard products in favor of original shapes we will prepare for you in the form of air sealed balloons.

Learn more on the advantages of air sealed balloons and enjoy advertisement that does not consume power continuously and does not force you to utilize cables that are so impractical at outdoor events. Take advantage of silent advertisement methods that do not hinder your meetings with customers during events and expos.

At Adblow, we do know how to efficiently make your advertisement visible among your customers. This is why we realize that in order to stay ahead of your competition, you need something more than a regular-shaped outdoor advertisement. As a result, you can order tailor-made air sealed balloons.

Each balloon consists of an air sealed insert and a PVC coated polyester fabric. We can print on the fabric anything you desire – using the dye-sublime printing technique, it is possible to achieve a full range of colors while keeping the print elastic and very durable. The entire set includes ropes and hooks for you to anchor the balloon, as well as a case for the ease of transportation.

Let your customers become acquainted with your brand. After all, you deserve to be noticed.