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Advertising Balloons

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Reach out to your customers with large advertising balloons with which you are bound to attract attention and ensure that nobody ignores your brand. Invest in outdoor advertisement that is made out of the strongest materials possible so that you do not have to worry about its quality in case of bad weather conditions

Printed surface up to 100%
solvent printing / sublimation printing
PVC impregnated polyester fabric

Make your brand visible with unique forms of business advertisement. Choose large balloons with your company’s logo on them allowing each participant of any event to see your advertisement standing out. You probably will not find a better way of advertising than large, inflatable advertisement.

It is entirely up to you to choose what is imprinted on the balloon that we will prepare for you. In fact, how your customers see you is also up to you. We, on our side, make sure that the solutions we employ allow our products to be used without losing their shape and print quality. You plan the message and we convey it the best way we can.

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